Car sales should not be affected by recalls

2014 silverado family page 1310x520 Car sales should not be affected by recallsIt took decades and more than 100 000 patents to create the modern motorcar; Frenchman Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot is credited as being the first man to build a car that could power itself. Continue reading

Choose the Perfect Ski Resorts for a Brilliant Experience

If you have always wanted to try out skiing but felt that organising all the paraphernalia that go-hand-in glove with booking not only the tickets, but where to get the skis, special clothing, where to learn how to ski and  where to stay – that in itself is enough to scare even the bravest and feistiest of travellers. Continue reading

A Different Type of Outdoor Gifting Idea

Is it some gifting ideas you are after?  Well I am going to go to the extremes today. No little handkerchiefs or socks or even shirts for that special man in your life. Take a look at this bold adventure. It’s called Paintballing and it’s reminiscent of when he was a child playing cowboys and crooks only the war element in this one is much more serious.  This is a perfect opportunity for getting a team together and allowing them to become bloodthirsty as they charge head-long into battle.

You should be warned that gifting of this game should be confined to the physically fit as paintball is an extreme sport in which players try to eliminate their opponents by tagging them with capsules of water soluble dye and gelatin shells referred to as paintballs propelled from a paintball gun. The high-grade paintballs incorporate cornstarch and metallic flakes and leave a thick glittery “splat” that is very obvious and hard to wipe off.

You will be required to wear a mask at all times on the field as a safety device against the paintballs.  Goggles are similar to those used in skiing with an attached hard shell that completely covers the eyes, mouth, ears and nostrils of the wearer.

Ready, steady, go – find out what it’s like to jump out of a landing craft into a hail of paintballs as you put up a fight to eliminate the enemy. Tell you more did you say? There is the Great War Paintball Experience which is modelled on World War I conditions – and yes you will have to take to the trenches and battle it out. All of the equipment is a perfect replica of uniforms, helmets and other equipment used by British and German soldiers.

Think about it – who is worthy of this type of gifting. When you have the answer – get a team together, work out a strategy and go hell-for-leather in an all-out battle for the flag or total annihilation. Have fun!!!


Adventure Experiences as the Perfect Gift

Here is a solution to your shopping dilemma. Not for everyone admittedly because it takes courage and a daredevil nature to partake in these types of experiences. Firstly there is the Huey Helicopter Adventure Thrill Ride over Cape Town – watching through open doors as you dip and bank and dive. This is a combat mission styled flight. You leave from the Waterfront, securely strapped into your seat before taking off. The powerful Bell UH-1 series Iroquois helicopter is similar to those used by the US Army in Vietnam and made famous by movies such as M.A.S.H, Apocalypse Now and Platoon. You will definitely be gripping the edge of your seat.

eiling off Table Mountain? This is said to be the original highest commercial abseil in the world. I would agree with that – at 1,000 meters above sea level it is a pure adrenaline rush. Go over the edge and after you have descended the sheer cliff face, prepare for the abseil of your life as you meet the halfway mark of an overhang that will leave you completely suspended looking at the Cape Town harbor and beyond. You will be under the constant watchful eye of experienced and qualified guides; all the equipment is new and the experience is entirely safe, easy and fun.

Kloofing, also known as Canyoning, Gorge walking or Canyoneering is an experience adventure of another kind. First, you take a sunny hike across quartzite rock to the gully used to access the Magaliesberg Kloof. As you descend to the stream below you will be wading through crystal clear pools, clambering over massive boulders as you navigate the watercourse. Adrenalin pumps as you descend – abseiling down a waterfall, plunging into pools and the sliding down smooth stone alongside the stream in the gorge. The rock jump is optional but the swimming is not. You must be able to swim, have a head for heights and be confident.

Not an experience for the feint-hearted, but what an adrenalin rush for the junkies!!!



Big Apple Built on Beaver Fur
The Big Apple was Built on Beaver Fur

Everyone has preconceived ideas of the Big Apple. Rude individuals, unfriendly shop keepers and taxi drivers, massive and overbearing skyscrapers, corn beef on rye and newspapers sold by vendors on every street corner and of course, the iconic yellow cab.

But most exciting of all, perhaps, are the mosaics dotted like forgotten breadcrumbs left as if by Hansel and Gretel of the famous fairytale.

Of special interest is that the beaver is revered in New York. It is no secret that New York was built on the fur of beavers, and was one of the exports that made the Dutch traders of old extremely rich.

When you arrive in New York find yourself a “New York Greeter” to show you the ropes, and is a service that is offered free of charge. The idea of the greeter is to pair up locals with tourists in order to show them around the city. The visit is a casual one, meant to entertain and is not overflowing with facts and figures. Greeters also do not expect to be tipped!

Your greeter will show you how the subway works and give you a more hands-on New Yorker experience of the everyday lives of the people, and not only a view through the eyes of a tourist.

A massive cube, dominating Astor Place is another fine piece of art which has been part of the landscape since the 60’s, and one to be enjoyed by the NYC visitor.

Keep an eye out for the mosaic art of the East Village. Find figurines and rare comics from St Mark’s Comic Shop or indulge in a decadent corned beef sandwich covered with lashings of Tasty Swiss cheese from the world-famous Katz’s Delicatessen.

Russ & Daughters supplies New Yorkers with the most delectable salmon or take a walk in trendy Highline Park.

There is so much to see and so much to do in NYC. The Big Apple certainly won’t disappoint, and beckons with promises of a good time had by all.


Why bother with Paris if you have Parys?

Interesting Facts About Parys

•    Did you know that Parys is situated within the oldest and the largest site where a meteorite impacted with the earth?
•    The Vredefort Dome was created 2 023 millions years ago when an asteroid as large as Table Mountain collided with earth.
•    The human population would be obliterated if that happened in today’s world.
•    If you visit one of the mountains in the Parys vicinity you will have vistas and views that simply go on forever.
•    Book a tour, talk and excursion and learn about the site.

Parys is very close to Johannesburg – only about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. If you drive South towards Bloem, you will find Pays along the route.

Stay over at the Otter’s haunt which has a wide variety of accommodation to suit all budgets.

Another stunning place to visit in Parys is the Bon-Af Berry Farm & Tea Garden where you will be able to delight in the delectable berry cheesecake on offer, and you will also be able to pick and take home some of the 80 varieties of berries on offer that grow on the farm!  Some of these offerings include Elderberries, Blueberries, Black nightshade berries plus many more varieties.

Once the berry season has come and gone the children (and adults) can enjoy milking the old jersey cow and churn butter. Butter, berries and more are enjoyed at Bon-Af Berry Farm.

Swim in the river, take photos of the old suspension bride, or partake in a ginger cookie feast from the Plum Tree, plus white water rafting all make Parys a jewel to take pleasure in, sufficiently infused with country charm.

You will think you are caught up in a time-warp when visiting the quaint town of Parys, where old-fashioned sweets are still sold behind glass counters that you so dearly loved as a child. Suddenly you are six years old as a wave of nostalgia sweeps over you.

Immortalise your stay in Parys at Kiki’s Yesteryear nostalgic Photo Studio where you can dress up in a vintage outfit for a dreamy photo shoot.

Why dream of Paris when you Parys around the corner!

Bears in the Canadian Rockies

Bears in the Canadian Rockies

Black bears, brown bears, grizzlies, skies that go on forever, moose and terrific scenery all form part of this fairytale Magic Kingdom. Bears with clever eyes and frightening claws that can strip the bark from trees are found in this area of Canada.

In the north, the town of Churchill, which is situated on the shores of the Hudson Bay, is renowned for being the polar bear capital of the world. Every northern late summer right up until November these bears shuffle with their black noses, wandering and roaming the shore and even the town to find food and humans.

Explore the Canadian Rockies in sophisticated style on the first-class glass-domed Rocky Mountaineer which is a luxury train that leaves from Vancouver offering a smorgasbord of exquisite scenery. Passing through Jasper National Park and Banff National Park ought to offer sightings of bears, but there are never guarantees of sightings as are rare sightings of the Big Five in the Kruger National Park.

Glaciers and gorges abound, but the idea of seeing a bear adds that little edge of excitement to the adventure.

Vancouver, ensconced between white-capped mountain peaks pointing skywards, is sprinkled with white fairy dust and the azure Atlantic is without a doubt one of the finest and most pristine urban locations in the world.

Wonderful green forests, parkland and silent peaks abound and in-between are neat streets and skyscrapers, smart bridges and ghostly sky trains that silently move at incredible speeds, fabulous restaurants and quaint little paths downtown complete the storybook picture of this fine city.

History, art, bears, and scenery to die for makes Canada a must-see destination. Expect to experience incredible sunsets in the Banff National Par, or one of the awe-inspiring views from Stanley Park with vistas stretching forever over Vancouver, or the incredible turquoise of Lake Louise which will make you feel as if you have died and gone to Heaven.


Belarus, Land of a thousand lakes

Belarus is Otherwise Known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes

Belarus, the land of a thousand lakes and saturated with rivers is sometimes referred to as “the blue-eyed country”! Steeped in history, the people of Belarus love to weave tales and fables of old around many of the wonderful natural water offerings of this interesting country.

Chances are you would land in Minsk, the Capital of Belarus which was almost completely obliterated during the Second World War and has since been rebuilt showcasing exquisite botanical gardens.

The Naroch is a wonderful summer resort offering numerous holiday homes, boarding houses, hotels and more for the locals and tourists to enjoy. If you are fortunate enough to be travelling to Belarus as a tourist, this is the perfect place to hang your hat. The Narock is home to golden beaches, placid sailing, diving, fishing, boating and so much more, and the local cuisine is to die for.

Other lovely places to visit are Braslay and Lake Syityaz which have fabulous attractions for the intrepid traveller. Sailing to the light of the moon is unusual and somewhat ghostly, gliding silently on the glass-top lakes.

Huge rivers abound, and navigating these is both pleasurable and interesting. Some of the names of the rivers are the Dnieper, the Nyoman, the Western Bug and the Pripyat, all of which are easy enough to navigate.

Well-situated in the middle of the continent of Europe on the Baltic and Black seas, Belarus is neighbour to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and the Ukraine.
Lovely old churches, beautiful countryside, castles, and more make Belarus a wonderful destination to visit. So if you are into exploring forests, gathering mushrooms, fishing, scuba diving, sailing, love historical buildings and more, Belarus is for you.


Connect With the Wind and Go KiteSurfing, Gliding across the Cobalt Sea

Nothing, bar absolutely nothing can beat the adrenalin rush of harnessing the wind, gliding gently across the cobalt sea where the indigo heavens are your most passionate observer and where danger and beauty collide to create a concoction of energising adventure.

This, in a nutshell, sums up the sport of kitesurfing. Kitesurfing was started as an extension of windsurfing and surfing. Using the power of the wind to “pull” you along the surface of the water on a small surfboard, and it differs from regular surfing in that it generates its own power from the energy and command of the waves as they break onto the shoreline,

Kitesurfing boards can be used with or without foot straps together with a large kite that can be controlled. The kite surfer is then propelled across the surface of the water and pulled high up into the air for jumps, As with all sports, a variety of styles have evolved over the years. Each kiter enjoys his own unique style.

Kitesurfing guarantees excitement, fun and adventure and some fantastic wave riding. The power of the wind, together with the kite, shows no mercy to anyone when things go wrong.

Kite Types Typically Used For Kitesurfing:
•    Framed single skin kites
•    Inflatable kites
•    Flat inflatable kites also known as bow kites
•    Ram air foil kites

South Africa has become one of the world’s most popular kitesurfing destinations over the past five years. The country and the stunning kitesurfing offerings is now attracting thousands of foreigners to our shores every year.

Kitesurfing is currently the second most popular watersport after surfing, enjoyed in hotspots such as Tableview and Blouberg, Muizenberg as well as Port Elizabeth. Danger is never far away with extreme sports clocking up great speeds. So taking lessons from a qualified instructor is therefore advisable.

Volcano Jumper

 Volcano Jumper

Abseiling into the Mouth of a Volcano Is Not For the Feint of Heart

The adventure and thrill of abseiling into the mouth of a rumbling volcano with a lake of red-hot lava just below is for the bravest of the brave.

Their missions was to abseil into the crater of an active volcano with the temperatures reaching 1000 degrees C plus.
The equipment required for this extreme adventure includes a unique heatproof climbing rope, clothed in a proximity suite to reflect heat, and the level of danger is of course very, very high danger but was not impossible.

Mount Marun is situated on Ambrym which is a little island and forms part of the Vanatu archipelago which is situated in the South Pacific.The island is approximately 650 km from Australia.

Ambrum is a sanctuary for those seeking extreme adventures and is believed to be the heart of black magic in the archipelago, and has a population in the region of 8000 people.

There is a legend that the volcano is the start of the afterlife, resulting in the islanders keeping a safe distance from the volcano.

New Zealand volcanologist, Geoff Mackley put together a team of climbers and film crew to descend into the crater in 2010 and to this day is the only successful attempt of its kind of the island.

Planning and executing a successful expedition of this nature is no easy feat. Mackley and his team are the only people ever to have dared enter the crater successfully and to film it.

Mackley wanted his trip to Mount Marum to be highly dangerous with constant plumes of volcanic ash travelling more than a mile over the island.

Mount Marum is most certainly the one spot on earth where you will find a haven for adventure travellers.